Asobi: Playing within Time

Asobi: Playing within Time - MCA event

SHareOUT! is the MCA’s new mini-festival of works that have been developed in a year of research supported by Chicago Dancemakers Forum. Cofounded by the MCA, Links Hall, and the Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago Dancemakers Forum is celebrating 15 years of supporting audacious and imaginative dancemakers.

Proudly influenced by my venerable mentors, Grandmaster Fujima Shunojo, and Tatsu Aoki. I am honored to be able to present to you “Asobi – Playing within Time”,

Tatsu Aoki and the Reduction Ensemble will be providing the soundscape.

The first half of the festival will be Aug 24 and 25.

The second half will be Aug 31 and Sept 1.

Joshua Ishmon and his company: Production: Colors will be presenting “Redefining BLACK” with me in Edlis Neeson theater starting at 7p.m. on Fri Aug 24, and 3p.m. on Sat. Aug 25.

Use the link below to get details on tickets and specific times for shows. Please come and see me and my fellow cohorts!

They will be in the gallery, grounds, and theater as well.